Open LMS

OpenSource Learning Management System

OpenLMS offers a minimum solution for web-based teaching and learning.


OpenLMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) made at the Dept. of Geography, NTNU. The system is a fully functional LMS with support for group collaboration, file sharing, distribution of lectures, etc.. As such it is a good tool for distributing lecture notes to groups of students, and also facilitates collaboration for groups of students and teachers.

The system has successfully been used at the Dept. of Geography at NTNU in Trondheim Norway, for three years. It is continuously further developed and was released as OpenSource software last year.

OpenLMS now supports English (core language) and Norwegian. Steps has been taken to translate for further languages.

Scorm, Dublin Core, AICC etc. could be important factors in systems like OpenLMS and similar LMS/LCMS. Support for exporting objects for these standards will probably be incorporated into OpenLMS. HOWEVER - the focus of standards for the exchange of learning objects often overshadows the lack of a culture for sharing within the organizations in question. This very resource-demanding part of a LMS/LCMS is therefore not focused at the present stage in the development.

OpenLMS is GNU GPL this means that the code is free for use. You will, however, have to cover all other costs like servers, consultants to install it, user support etc...

Main contributing developers are: Ragnvald Larsen, Geir Vatne and Christian Myksvoll. Contact Ragnvald in case of questions regarding OpenLMS.