Open LMS

OpenSource Learning Management System

More about OpenLMS

OpenLMS started as a project funded by the The Norwegian Agency for Flexible Learning in Higher Education (SOFF). Initially the system was a media library for use in the education of geographers at the Dept. of Geography at NTNU. The development was initiated by Geir Vatne and later continued as a OpenSource project by Ragnvald Larsen.

The development process, spanning five years, has led to the current system.

Product Summary

 upload lecture notes (any filetypes)

 distribute levture notes

 groupware / email to groups

 personal file archive

 assignment administration

 media archive and termbank

 organize webresources

 language support for norwegian, english and german (may easily be extended)

The technology in the current system is based on Active Server Pages and Microsoft internet Information Server. The database is Micrrosoft SQL run on the same server. For the media processing we are currently are using ImageMagic. Some functionality is based on PHP.


We plan to translate OpenLMS to a GNU/Linux-platform where PHP and PostgreSQL are central elements. This will make the system more cost effective.


OpenLMS has no special demands on the client side. All types of web-browsers may be used.


OpenLMS is continously further developed. We are however dependent of support by being included into research and development projects or by selling services related to OpenLMS.


Further development within the frames of a commercial partnership is also welcome.

Graphic shows main page of OpenLMS

Supporting subsystems are PHP and ImageMagic.